Insane Bills California Senators Attempting to Pass



(When you call just say:” I am calling the senator to say No to SB ______ (bill number), I strongly object”. You might get a voice mail or an actual person. They were very nice, professional and polite when we called 2 weeks ago on SB-179. You can do it. Call me if you have any questions. 

We need moral people with godly integrity to run for Mayor, District 1, 3, 4, 5 for November upcoming elections. Please Pray! Lets pray for our current leaders and our Local Pastors! 

Mayor Goleta: Paula Perotte

Councilmen: Stuart Kasdin, roger Aceves, Michael Bennett, Kyle Richards

Mayor SB Helene Schneider

                 Councilmen: Jason Dominguez District 1, Gregg Hart – finance, Randy Rowse,

Ordinance, Frank, Hotchkiss, Cathy Murillo District 3, Bendy White

Mayor of Carp Gregg Carty/Fred Shaw? 

                         Councilmen: Fred Shaw, Wade Nomura, Al Clark, Gregg Party, Bradley Stein

Seven Mountains of Influence: 1. Religion 2. Family 3. Education 4. Government 5. Arts/entertainment 6. Media/Communication 7. Buisness/Finance

                                 Prophecy of 7 Mountains: by Lance Walnau/Johnny Enlow

’God is saying His people will rule over the other mountains to bring justice and righteousness to all. However, these mountains are currently under the control of ungodly rulers-Although change has begun and the battles are getting fierce. No King easily surrenders his throne and neither will those currently reign as kings on any of these mountains.

SB 179 – NO! The California Senate Committee is scheduled to begin considering a bill to radically redefine the meaning of the words “male” and “female” and officially recognize

a third gender, “non-binary.” SB 179, authored by Senator Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) and Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) will streamline the process for people wanting to

change their gender on government documents like ID’s, driver’s licenses, birth certificates. If the bill is approved, the gender listed on these documents will no longer need to reflect DNA/biological reality but will be determined by personal preference and feelings…we all know preferences and feelings can change but DNA and the way GOD created a person? NO!

SB 310 – NO Ability of inmates to legally change their gender while in county jail or state prison. No longer will prisoners need the approval of correction officials for opened doors to sexual sin within our prisons.

the number of times an inmate could change their gender is potentially unlimited!

SB 219 – NO! Senator Scott Wiener’s 916.651.4011proposal to criminalize the wrong use of a person’s “preferred” gender pronoun, prohibiting any resident who wants to use the

opposite-sex bathroom, or forbidding any sexual behavior among residents, passed through the Senate Human Services Committee last Tuesday. That means that despite

a long-care facility’s desire that a transgender male-turned-female not be allowed to share a room with a female (the transgender could sexually assault an elderly, helpless

female roommate who could suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s) or despite the facility administration not wanting an unmarried man and woman to live together in the same room,

or share bathroom facilities…if the Bill passes the facility would be forced to allow those circumstances or pay the price! The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear the bill on April 18th.

SB 320 – NO! Push abortion on college/university campuses or lose state funding?! NO! Democratic Senator Connie Leyva is pushing for a devastatingly harmful bill that would forcefully require any California college or university campus that receives state funding to provide non surgical abortion services, an abortion pill. The bill would specifically require student health centers to provide women and girls with medication onsite to abort their children. These pills will hurt our daughters and end the lives of our grandchildren by forcefully inducing a

miscarriage up to 10 weeks of pregnancy, with hemorrhaging and delivery of the baby into the dorm room toilet…Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson, now a HUGE

voice for LIFE, shared her horrible, nightmarish experience with the abortion pill. Call Senator Leyva and say NO!  (909) 888-5360 or (916) 651-4020

SB 54 –  Yesterday California lawmakers voted to approve legislation to make our entire state a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens. The Bill passed by 27-12 majority vote and bans

state and local law enforcement officials from cooperating with federal immigration officers with the exception of serious and violent felons. This Bill goes hand-in-hand with:

SB 6 – This Bill allocates $12,000,000.00 in taxpayer money to pay for attorneys to help illegal aliens who may be at risk of being deported.

A couple things to consider and to pray about:

#1. With California being a sanctuary state, (approximately 2.3 million in CA) goes against our President, our laws and God’s Word! Foreigners are to abide by our laws, pay taxes and their fair share… to improve our schools, hospitals, roadways, bridges, dams, and support law enforcement and firefighters?

 #2. Is it reasonable to consider that since California may be a haven for illegals, hundreds of thousands more illegal immigrants will flock to this State?

Labeling California as a Sanctuary State


Noun – a person present in a country without official authorization.

Adjective – contrary to or forbidden by law.

Bind and pray against those spirits of rebellion and lawlessness that have been released….call forth and loose the opposite spirits of law, order, justice to rise up in Jesus’ Name!

SB 18 – NO! This Bill was authored by Senator Pan (D). It appears to give the government more control over your children! Parents are to raise their children, not the state. Can you

imagine a doctor or nurse coming to your home to force a vaccine upon your baby, your little boy or girl? Look at the line below that was deleted from this Bill. Before

being omitted it read:

(1) The right to parents, guardians, or caregivers who act in their best interest. Now that is gone!  (1)The right to parents, guardians, or caregivers who act in their best interest.

Godly organizations like Capitol Resource Institute are calling this Bill an attack on parent’s rights. SB 18 now creates a Joint Legislative Committee on Children and Youth which is to be made up of nine members of the Senate appointed by the Senate Rules Committee, and nine members of the Assembly appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly.

The bill states that: “It is necessary to increase revenue predictability and to ensure sufficiency of revenues adequate to meet the needs of California’s children.” Sounds to me like increased

taxes for something that is NOT in the best interest of parents nor their children! If this bill becomes law, this committee will exist until November 30, 2024. NO!

FIND YOUR STATE SENATOR at this link and please, voice your concern regarding the Senate Bills mentioned above.




AB 569 – NO! This Bill “would directly infringe on the rights of religious organizations to uphold and advance their principles and beliefs regarding sexuality and marriage … it

would prevent religious organizations (including churches and colleges, schools) from imposing entirely normal and conventional rules of Christian conduct.”

This is sponsored by NARAL Pro-Choice California and targeted at religious organizations. AB 569 passed through the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee on

Wednesday, March 30. The bill violates religious liberty protections in the First Amendment by outlawing religious and Pro-Life organizations from requiring their employees to adhere to codes of conduct related to abortion, sex outside of marriage, or contraception. AB 569 will be heard next in the Assembly Judiciary Committee on April 25. NO! 

Assemblyman Kevin McCarty  (916) 324-4676 or (916) 319-2027. I called and left him a message.