Praise Reports: I Thank God for providing for me to attend the 7 Mountain’s Rise Conference both registration & hotel stay for three days and other unexpected funds came in. Thank God for Jen Successful Conference after her Promotion. It was provided for her to stay another day. Thank God for his favor!

Chummy fire(pasoRobles), Clayton Fire, Blue spot fire and others – evacuation, ppl can get out safe, pray for firefighters strength, winds will die-down …. Pray for all California fires! God have mercy

Flooding in Baton Rouge – God is using it to bring them together

Pray for the Olympics Games: safety and protection against Terror Attacks but also against Thugs robbing people even at gun point.
* Fair Scoring in Boxing – corruption will be overturned

Pray for Aleppo: Gods mercy & UN will act: 2 million people are trapped, no running water. Russia booming the innocent.

Pray for Joe Kenny Lawsuit – Football coach fired for praying last year. ( Cargo case had to make accommodation for Moslems to pray 5 times a Day)

Pray The message on the seven mountains will get out to the Christians & will be received by Christians & also the people. Pray for me as I write a Mini book “Introducing the Seven Mountains” and Direction.
* Christian will be Equip, Eyes will be open
* 50million to Arise & Shine
* Pray that God will open the doors that we can go to Washington & Pray with one mind, one
Heart, knowledgeable on the 7 mountains, anointed & with fire and the Authority of God!
* Washington will carry out the Good Laws on the Books & Change the bad one and those laws
Those that Oppose God
* New Christians Political Leaders to be ELECTED with the ANOINTING OF GOD AND AUTHORITY

Pray for Turkey Missionaries

Pray for Our Pastor’s

Christen Son’s Wedding and Family

Pray for those overcoming Cancer