SBCC Board of Trustees unanimously approve Pledge of Allegiance resolution

 Is it Really Liberty and Justice for All?
Yes, our flag stands for these very freedoms but can you Believe the “N’ word was spoken out loud, the full Word! There’s No Need to say this Word Regardless How You Intended to use it… Trust me when I say, to an African American, Black Race of people – It Will Always Be heard and Felt in a Derogatory Manner. There’s a penetrable string one feels right in the Heart of their being when you hear this Word unlike if you hear it stated as the “N” word. IT SHOULD BE AN UNSPOKEN WORD IN TODAYS CULTURE BY ALL. If you can say it sooo freely then you should question what’s in your heart regardless of what excuse you use to justify saying it out loud especially to a person of Color the Full word that starts with an “N”. Yet, as African Americans, we Must forgive!
The Board Member has a point in his comment. Read and let me know what you think