Faith Challenge  1
* Write out Psalms 91 in your Mini Royal Notebooks
* Learn the first 2 verses of Ps.91 ( If you already know those go to the next 2 verses).
* Read and pray this verse over yourself, and your love ones/household Daily 1-3 times a day.

Take your Mini Royal notebook with you wherever you go in case you have unexpected or expected time to read. It fit easily in your purse or pocket. Must sure to leave a comment on the site under weekly accomplishment of where & when you had a glimpse of time & pulled out your Mini Royal.

Faith Challenge 2
* Be sure to listen to Lance Wallnau “Prophetic Word to Women on Mother’s  Day”.  For Men: Transition is a Must Listen to for us all!
* Write Down 3 phrases that touch your heart or one paragraph of what God was saying to you.

Faith Challenge 3
* Select a Faith Partner ( a tag team partner to encourage you & keep you going. You will be in contact daily M-F with each other via
Text preferred but can select phone call or via email. Things I will send – Encouraging  words or verses, your personal testimony or
Your completed Faith challenges.

Let’s have FUN with it Team.  I Believe God has more in store for us than we can think or image. LET’S TRACK WITH GOD! NO LEGALISM – You can do as much or as less as you see fit.
Most people are just starting off. I will post our warrior’s name’s after I receive the privacy release email back.  We have a few new people to the team and a few previous ones. We welcome you All Aboard! Looking forward to connecting & reconnecting with each and everyone of you.

We are coming up to our “One Year Anniversary” and will be handing out REWARDS from your Weekly Challenge at our Prayer Warrior celebration in June. Details to be announced, watch your emails.